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Ryan's Case for Smiles

Body of Pillowcase- 3/4 yd
Trim-1/3 yd
All seams are 1/2"!!
*Fold trim in half with wrong sides together, press
*Sew trim to body raw edges even
*Right sides together
Then stitch side and bottom and you are done

It's cold outside!!  Grab some colorful, happy fabric and make a few. 
For me making pillowcases is something I can do in-between projects and relax.

Pillowcases are still needed

we've made
(I lost count but I think this number is pretty close)
I've had a few come in and Thank you!

Fabrics were donated for quite a few.
Please do what you can!

for helping one child make it through another day "smiling".

Get that machine out and get going!!