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Class Fees 2019
Classes are for 3 hours after that $5 for 15 minutes

1st class $25
2nd class $20
3+ $15 each
Get your ideas and patterns together and we'll schedule a class!

All the classes are available

Tuesday's  3-9

Wednesday-Friday  10-6

Saturday 10-4


A different type of "contest"...are you brave enough for this one?😁
To be dropped off....6/19
Three gift certificates will be available. 
The amount depends on how many people wish to participate. 
There will be a
Virgin Quilter( just started to 5 years)
Experienced Quilter( 5-10 years)
She's Pretty Darn Good Quilter(10+++ years)
You need to purchase at least 1 panel and 2 yards of coordinating fabrics from the line o
r fabric purchased from
That Quilt Shop. 
DO NOT COMPLETE your project, do not post on fb or anywhere else,  you will be anonymous and you will be disqualified if you do! 
I will print out something for you to fill out and complete when you drop off your project.
This is meant to be fun and help other quilters!
You DO NOT need to be a club member to participate!
  Please answer the following
What machine did you use?
What thread do you use and color/colors and why?
What stitch length and width?and why?
Did you press open? or to the side?
Press to the light or dark and why?
Did you use a pattern? or make your own?
Thank you!



Beginner or not!!


Backing 101

In this class you will learn how to measure so you can purchase enough fabric.  

There are many ways to back a quilt and I have learned quite a few!

You are more than welcome to bring a project you need a backing for big or small.

I just might have what you need ;)!


Binding 101

No clips, pins, fusible thread or glue is needed!

Bring in your project that is ready for binding
you WILL have it completed before you leave!


Applique 101

I love this class!  

Keep It Super first!

Please do not feel intimidated by what other people do!

We all start somewhere and that is at the very beginning!

The project will be simple, promise ;).



This is so very important.

I cannot stress enough on how important it is.

Press seams open...closed...

just PRESS!!!

*All Classes MUST be paid for when enrolling!!
*Class credit will be given when I cancel any class.
*Please bring all necessary sewing and/or quilting supplies to class.
*Please call 24 hours in advance when not able to attend to allow others to take your place.
You can learn and have fun too!!
See you soon.